Old World Craftsmenship
Meets New World Technology

What is ZEMOZ?

zemoz is where art and science meet hard work and painstaking attention to detail. The result is exceptional beauty and enduring quality.

At the same time, superior craftsmanship is only part of our success. What you don’t see is every bit as important as what you do see. We are equally passionate about identifying, understanding, testing, and deploying the newest and most innovative materials, methodologies, equipment, and systems available. These innovations include the introduction of new, state-of-the-art surface materials, installation technologies and equipment, as well as industry-leading sourcing, procurement, business management and logistics systems.

We are dedicated to being the very best at what 
we do, and consistently delivering exceptional outcomes.

At the end of the day, if it isn’t exceptional–it isn’t zemoz.


Collaboration and Project Management

Exceptional outcomes demand exceptional preparation. Our job starts early working with the designers, builders, and ultimately with customers to ensure that all expectations are met. The sooner we can collaborate in the process, the more efficient the job becomes.

  • Product and supplier options
  • Developing initial scope of work including installation detail
  • Warranty review
  • Developing budgets and timelines


We have an outstanding team working behind the scenes to ensure that materials sourced from around the world are identified, secured, ordered, and delivered.

Often the planning has just started when the material is delivered to the site. At zemoz every detail is accounted for and planned. We believe it is a foundational element of an exceptional outcome.


We review all relevant surfaces, specified materials, and design to determine the right preparation protocol for each application. These protocols can vary depending on location (inside vs outside), application (walls vs floors), proposed materials, and the condition of the surfaces to be covered. The objective is always to bring the surfaces to optimal tolerances ensuring exceptional visual and performance outcomes. We believe surface preparation is a critical, but often underestimated step in the process. Great design, the finest materials and even very capable finishing can all be undermined by inadequate attention to proper surface preparation.

  • Floor and wall construction
  • Screeding walls
  • Leveling floors
  • Site-specific substrate preparation


We use the most advanced measurement technology available to ensure that the site is accurately measured to the most exacting specifications. All fabrication, including cutting is typically done at our purpose-built, off-site facility where our specialized fabricators are able to work in ideal conditions 365-days a year regardless of weather, site congestion, production volume or specialized fabrication needs. This methodology maximizes overall fabrication quality, significantly increases efficiency, and virtually eliminates on-site mess. The result is decidedly better than more conventional methods.


Once the tile or stone has been custom fabricated, the material is delivered to the worksite ready for installation. An experienced zemoz installation team will be selected and briefed for each project and will install the material once it has been delivered to the site.


The finishing process is where zemoz really shines. All trimming, grouting, caulking and epoxy finishing meets or exceeds the very highest industry standards and sets the standard for consistent excellence. We are proud of the superior craftsmanship delivered in every project we undertake.


zemoz has been built to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes. We have recognized the importance of continuous improvement throughout the organization to ensure that our clients’ expectations are never compromised.

Exceptional results are never an accident. Our people are among the very best at what they do, and we are working hard to ensure that we maintain the standards that have set us apart. There is no substitute for exceptional craftsmanship. It is at the heart of our success. Mentorship, training, practice—even failure, are all part of the learning process, and essential elements of getting it right.

At the same time, exceptional outcomes demand more than exceptional craftsmanship. Today, mastery of the incredible new technology in materials, techniques and equipment is equally important. We are committed to providing the tools necessary for our people to remain at the very forefront of our craft for years to come.

We are very proud of our people and are investing 
in them.

The best way to preserve the zemoz way is to own the process and ensure our people continue to perform at the highest possible levels. We are developing our own zemoz ppprenticeship program to ensure that the zemoz way is enhanced and preserved.

The future looks very bright for zemoz.

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